Happy International Tiger Day!

Though today should be a celebration, it is unfortunately a sad day on which we are reminded of the number of tigers left in the world. There are around 3,900 left in the whole world and the reason for this massive decline is humans. Wild tigers are having their habitats destroyed and being hunted by … Continue reading Happy International Tiger Day!


Pet Food

Despite calling myself a vegan and constantly telling people how important it is for the planet, blah blah blah...I still handle meat on a regular basis. In the morning and afternoon I handle raw chicken, heart, liver, and other kinds of meat because I have to feed my cat. We have to feed the animals … Continue reading Pet Food

The Fish Issue

Fish is an incredibly healthy food, but it is also a very unsustainable one, as well as being another living creature that is exploited by humankind. So often I see fish listed as part of a healthy diet, and in many ways it is true. Fish contain oils and omegas that are essential for health, … Continue reading The Fish Issue

Palm Oil

In light of my last post I thought I'd use the example I gave for a new post. Palm oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the pulp of oil palms. It is a highly saturated vegetable fat that tends to be solid at room temperature, and is used for many purposes around … Continue reading Palm Oil

Zoo Education

Following on from my previous post about zoos, I wanted to touch on the education that they offer. Often their mission is to make people aware of certain animals who are becoming extinct, as well as educating people about that kind of animal. Though this is a great way of passing on information and helping … Continue reading Zoo Education