Wild Animals in Circuses

Hello! Apologies for the lengthy absence, but I am back with good news!

A new bill has been unveiled in the Scottish government banning the use of wild animals in circuses. This means that it will be illegal for circuses in Scotland to have any wild animals on the premises, whether performing or otherwise, and it also states that inspectors would have the power to search for and examine any animals on the premises. The bill has not yet been passed but I am incredibly hopeful that it will be soon.

To read more on the Scottish bill, click here.

Not only has this ban appeared in Scotland, but it has also reared its head in the U.S, where the Traveling Exotic Animal and Public Safety Protection Act was introduced in the White House in March this year. If the bill is passed then the 19 traveling circuses in the U.S must either shut down for good or use only human entertainers in their acts, which will change the lives of over 200 wild animals in their captivity. This is another massive breakthrough in the way that animals are being treated by humans.

To read more on the American bill, click here.

I found out about all of this from a post on Instagram from National Geographic. When I looked in the comments I found that, while half of them were in total agreement with the bill, many were against it. People are sad and disappointed that a bill might be passed to ban wild animals from being used for their entertainment. It genuinely amazed me that people could be so selfish, and I know it really shouldn’t have. I’m lucky because I’ve been brought up to see animals the way I do, but I sometimes forget that many people in the world don’t consider animals to be anywhere near equal to humans. This is why it is so important that we have more education on ethics and animal rights, because so many people are completely – through no fault of their own – unaware of these issues.

There is also the matter of the domesticated animals that will continue to perform in circuses even if these bills are passed. But that brings up a whole other moral dilemma, which I suppose will not be considered for some time. This fight is a long one, but it is progressing every day.


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