Pet Food

Despite calling myself a vegan and constantly telling people how important it is for the planet, blah blah blah…I still handle meat on a regular basis. In the morning and afternoon I handle raw chicken, heart, liver, and other kinds of meat because I have to feed my cat.

We have to feed the animals that we take into our care. They have usually been bred to be unable to properly fend for themselves, despite the fact that we are so often graced with the presence of dead mice and birds on our carpets. There is no way to convert a cat to veganism, whatever you say, it just goes against biology. Cats are carnivores and that’s the end of it. Dogs, however, are omnivores, which does give a little leeway into limiting their meat intake. But cats, no way.

So once you have this thought in mind, you cannot un-think it. Suddenly your cat becomes something that goes against all the principles you’ve worked so hard to put in place. But you could never stop loving them, or feeding them, so what do you do?

If you’re hoping for an answer to that question, I don’t have one. I’m asking myself the same question. I think the whole domestic cat and dog thing has brought us into a bit of a sticky situation, but they are part of our world now so we just have to accept it. I will continue to feed my cat meat because that is how he survives. All we can do is limit our own meat consumption, because in many parts of the world we can survive without animal products.

The only other viable option is for people to stop breeding cats and dogs. This is on the same level as ending animal agriculture, and so therefore it is one tricky issue to address. The only advice I can give is that if you are ever looking to get a cat or a dog, or any other kind of domestic, meat-eating animal, I strongly urge you never to buy from a breeder. Even though the process can be long and a little tiresome, adopting rescued animals is always the best option. It gives abandoned animals a safe and loving home, and it does not contribute to breeding new domestic animals.


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