Not Owners, Roommates

On every animal communication course I have been on the educator has always been set against calling people who have animals ‘owners’. ‘Guardian’ is the term she uses.

In the 21st century many people would find the idea of ‘owning’ another person wrong. It’s something that most of us don’t do anymore and, in fact, campaign against. So why is the idea of ‘owning’ an animal the norm? Aren’t animals living creatures too? Just because they don’t act in the way humans do or play by our rules doesn’t give us the right to own them.

I think the term ‘owning something’ means having the ability to manipulate it, such as owning a shirt and being able to put it on, put it in the wash or fold it. Having an animal in your house in no way means you are in full control of them or can manipulate them. They have their own brains and their own feelings, and they are most likely going to do what they want to do. When we bring animals into our homes we are not bringing them in to do as we wish, we are bringing them in to live with us.

Animals who live with us, more commonly known as ‘pets’, are there to share our home and our company. We care for them in return for their company and the space they hold for us. So when you go home to your cat, dog, ferret or other animal, just take a moment to appreciate them and the presence they have in your home.


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